Replace your outdated storage heaters

Everybody likes to be warm in their own home and everybody has their own comfort temperature. But nobody wants to struggle to heat their home.

Night storage heaters are notorious for offering poor heat distribution, a lack of controllability and not giving you enough heat into the late afternoon and early evening.

Many homeowners rely on an extra form of heating to keep their home warm when their night storage heaters have run out of heat later in the day, adding to electricity costs and causing a massive inconvenience.


Explore the future of heating

Replace your outdated storage heaters with modern efficient heating systems

The only radiators with 40mm clay core

Fischer dynamic clay core heaters are the perfect heating solution for any home or business. They can be wall mounted or free standing. The slimline and stylish design makes them fit in any room regardless of the current decor. Coloured in White (RAL9010), they are available in both horizontal and vertical orientation

Thermo Rad

Thermo Rad heaters are IPX4 rated, making them ideal to be installed in any room in your home, including bathrooms. They are manufactured in Germany with a 20mm Koalit clay core within, assisting with heat retention and distribution. Their sleek, modern design allows for them to be both efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


British design. German engineering.

 Utilising a steel heating element that is wrapped inside an exclusive 23mm mica clay core, these heaters reach high temperatures faster than alternatives that use 20mm cores.