Dynamic Smart Storage is the future. It works on the principle of drawing an initial charge to get your room to temperature, then only drawing power as and when the room temperature drops below your desired setting. By doing so, some dynamic storage heaters only draw 15 minutes of power during one full hour of heating.

Dynamic electric smart storage heaters also require no maintenance or servicing, unlike gas or oil boilers. Servicing and maintenance contribute to your overall “running” costs and cost the average homeowner almost £100 per year.

Throughout the past decade, many different alternatives have appeared on the UK market. Many of these alternatives are manufactured in Germany and contain a fire-clay core.

One other main advantage of installing dynamic smart storage heaters is the level of controllability in comparison to night storage heaters. Night storage heaters are notoriously inefficient and lack controllability. Usually fitted with a simple vent which can be opened or closed with a dial, you cannot set a desired temperature or heating program.

With many dynamic smart storage heaters, you have a digital, programmable thermostat. This generally allows you to set between 1 and 3 temperatures and a fully customisable heating program. This gives the homeowner complete control over their heating, often boosting their overall comfort through the cold winter months.

Dynamic smart storage heaters are also more aesthetically pleasing and will not damage your decor. Night storage heaters lose a lot of their heat through the back, damaging the walls behind them, making them almost unusable for another form of heating in the future. This is also a waste of the generated heat.

We can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t switch to dynamic smart storage today, so why not take a look at some of the available options?