Dynamic Smart Storage is the future. It works on the principle of drawing an initial charge to get your room to temperature, then only drawing power as and when the room temperature drops below your desired setting. By doing so, some dynamic storage heaters only draw 15 minutes of power during one full hour of heating.

Dynamic electric smart storage heaters also require no maintenance or servicing, unlike gas or oil boilers.

Throughout the past decade, many different alternatives have appeared on the UK market. Many of these alternatives are manufactured in Germany and contain a fire-clay core.

Fischer Future Heat

Manufactured in Germany and with a patented 40mm chamotte clay core and purpose built convection chamber within the construction of the heater, Fischer elektrostore™ radiators boast more efficiency and better heat distribution. This is backed up with tests carried out by BSRIA and the Energy Saving Trust who compared them to other forms of electrical heating and found them to be much more efficient. You can see the findings of both reports here.

With the element situated inside the clay core and the core itself being positioned away from the back of the heater, not only can they lower your electricity bills with a fully programmable thermostat, they also take away the possibility of damage to your décor, causing them to be a damage free heating solution.

Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, Fischer heaters are a no-brainer solution for any homeowner seeking alternative forms of electrical heating. However, Fischer Future Heat are not the only company on the market offering more efficient and attractive heating solutions but with all the benefits explained above, they are a much better alternative.

Fischer Future Heat also offer a Wi-Fi system for all of their radiators. All Fischer elektrostore™ radiators come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, with 2 years on the electronic components.

Premier Smart Heat

Premier Smart Heat radiators are another alternative which are now available on the UK market. Manufactured in Spain, they boast a patented “Silox” stone within, which is comprised of silicon and aluminium oxide. Premier Smart Heat also say they, “are confident that we can match any other electric radiator in consumption and efficient heat distribution.”

Their design is sleek, modern and ideal for the 21st century home. Available in a number of styles, including a new curved model and a heater you can paint any colour or pattern you like, Premier Smart Heat can offer the ideal solution for your property.

New in 2019, Premier Smart Heat now provide wireless thermostats with every heater, rather than the previous standard built-in thermostat. The wireless thermostat continuously regulates the room temperature, ensuring constant comfort while keeping consumption to a minimum.

They also offer a Wi-Fi compatible version. All Premier Smart Heat radiators come with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee, with 2 years on the electronic components.

Novo Rad

Novo Rad is another German offering, also boasting a patented clay core. Their 23mm Mica clay core is only available in their range of dynamic storage heaters. Finished in ivory, Novo Rad heaters add a stylish aesthetic to your home décor. They also come with an 8 year manufacturers warranty.

They are only 9.7cm deep, making them a much more slimline alternative to bulky night storage heaters.

Available in 5 different sizes, they can be suited to any property or room you may be looking to heat. Novo Rad also supply a wireless thermostat with all of their heaters, making them easily controllable from anywhere within your room. The thermostat can be wall mounted or free standing and allows you set a fully customisable 24/7 heating program.

Their range of heaters are also lighter than many alternatives, with the heaviest and largest heater only weighing 34.5kg.

Unlike the other alternatives, Novo Rad heaters can be purchased online via Elektro Store, an online platform supplying consumer electronics and homeware products, including a number of heating solutions.

Thermo Rad

Our last alternative is Thermo Rad heaters, which are also manufactured in Germany. Again, they offer a patented clay core, this time in the 20mm Koalit clay core. They are built to be slimline, at only 7cm deep, modern, aesthetically pleasing and efficient.

Available in 2 colours, white and pearl white, and coming with either a built-in or wireless thermostat, there are a number of different options available.

All Thermo Rad radiators are IPX4 rated, meaning they can be installed in your bathroom, and can also be fitted with a towel rail (or 2 in some cases).

They can also be purchased via Elektro Store and are available with FREE next day delivery.



10 year warranty (replace, not repair)

Wireless Thermostat

40mm Clay Core

Free survey & installation

Wi-Fi system available

Complete Heating Guarantee

Finance Options Available


5 year warranty

Wireless Thermostat

Patented Silox Core

Free Survey & Installation

Open Window Function

Stylish, available in a number of styles

Wi-Fi system available

Finance Options Available


8 year warranty

Wireless Thermostat

Patented Mica Clay Core

Free Survey & Installation

Lightweight, ideal for any home

FREE next day delivery through Elektro Store


1 year warranty

Wireless or built-in thermostat

2 colours available

Patented Koalit Clay Core

Slimline design

All models IPX4 rated, suitable for bathrooms

FREE next day delivery through Elektro Store