Fischer Dynamic Clay Core Radiators

Fischer have been manufacturing their radiators for over 70 years and provide market leading heating solutions for any home or business.

The Future is Electric

Fischer Future Heat has been manufacturing electric radiators for over 70 years. Their product continues to warm homes with their patented 40mm clay core, the only radiator on the market with this.

They are market leaders and as such offer a unique complete heating guarantee. If your radiator fails to warm your room to a comfortable 21*C you will get a free replacement.

All this technology comes with a simple user-friendly wireless thermostat that allows the user to program their radiators or use it manually.


*Fischer dynamic clay core radiators come with a 10 year guarantee, *with a 2 year industry standard on electrical components.

Technical Features

Delivering the best in heating for over 70 years

Unique Complete Heating guarantee

If your Fischer radiator fails to warm your room to a comfortable 21*C, Fischer will replace it FREE OF CHARGE. No other heating company offers this sort of guarantee.

40mm Clay core

Fischer dynamic clay core radiators are the only radiators with a patented 40mm chamotte clay core. This means that they can retain heat unlike any other radiator on the market. This increases both the warmth and efficiency in your home.

Complete control

All Fischer radiators come with a unique patented wireless thermostat. They are simple to use and they measure the room temperature to ensure the whole room is heated, not just one area.

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