Novo Rad

Novo Rad was designed and inspired in the UK for our climate and built in Germany for modern elegance, reliability and efficiency.

British design. German engineering.

Novo Rad has been specifically designed to work with the unpredictable British weather and is powered by the latest German engineering.

Their 23mm is larger than that made by the majority of other manufacturers and provides improved performance and greater heat retention.

All Novo Rad heaters come equipped with a programmable wireless thermostat, adding the advantage of Demand Side Response (DSR). This form of control allows the end user to accurately control how warm and efficient a room is. Each thermostat is accurate to 0.1 degrees.

 *Novo Rad radiators come with an 8 year guarantee, *with a 2 year industry standard on electrical components.

Technical Features

Discover a storage heater built for the British home

Slimline design

At only 9.7cm deep, they are extremely slim and unobtrusive, easily blending into the background – even in smaller rooms. The design provides a surface with clean lines that are timeless.

23mm Mica Clay core

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Community Management

NovoRad heaters are controlled using a wireless temperature controlled thermostat that is simple to use and effective. These thermostats are accurate and guarantee your room will reach the exact temperature you set. 

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