Fischer Premier Range

Style and comfort come together in this range of stylish and efficient smart store radiators.

Style without compromise

Premier smartstore electric radiators are a stylish design to blend in with your homes current décor. Available in natural stone finishes, this elegant natural stone electric heater is suited to both contemporary and classic homes. It even comes with a paintable version so you can have a truly bespoke product.

The classic electric radiators are slimline and will blend in seamlessly around your home. They are easily installed with the utmost convenience using a 13 amp socket.

This heater is controlled using a user friendly wireless thermostat, that is accurate within half a degree, keeping your home warm and comfortable. Also available in a wifi controlled version.

*The Premier smartstore electric radiator comes with a 5 year guarantee, *with a 2 year industry standard on electrical components.

Technical Features

Manufactured with patented technology

Wireless Control

All Premier Smart Heat smartstore radiators come with an easy to use wireless thermostat. All thermostats are temperature controlled and work alongside a sensor with pinpoint accuracy.


Silox Stone

All Premier smartstore radiators are heated by an exclusive Silox Stone. This is the storage element that retains heat, making Premier smartstore more efficient than direct electric panel heaters that have no storage component. Our Natural Stone range contains both an external and internal storage element, providing optimum heat output.

Style without compromise

Our Premier range comes in a variety of stylish finishes to accommodate any home. Bring nature into your home with our natural stone finishes or choose our paintable radiator for full customisation.

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We compare the best storage heaters on the market so you don't have to.

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